CSR Report 2016



statement by the executive board

working world

New way of working

Innovations are the core and driver for our long-term success. We are using new technical solutions to play an active role in structuring digitalisation. The platform for this is an open workplace culture and giving our people a lot of responsibility. Our diversity and international profile help us to think outside the box and develop creative concepts. The ScoutWorx initiative ensures short decision-making paths for pilot projects – this is our way of rolling out good ideas even faster.

Project insight

Our three people strong ScoutWorx Team started working with AutoScout24 at the Munich location. The aim for the team is to soon become the point of contact for all employees of Scout24 who want to implement a new idea. The team provides advice, assistance and support for colleagues. If required, financial help is also given. Instead of spending a lot of time discussing their ideas, employees can start testing them straightaway. And if something is not working properly, we look at what the problem is and develop improvements together.


In 2016, 20 projects were already put into practice in a collaboration between ScoutWorx and employees. The projects included a survey of customer requirements to assess the benefits of a mobile app for car dealers. And there is a lot more in the pipeline. In 2017, we will also launch the initiative with ImmobilienScout24. We intend to provide workshop training for as many employees as possible to become startup coaches. This will empower them to develop their own ideas and the ideas of their colleagues, and realise them quickly and professionally.

Working World

Ideas become innovations

“We are a digital company operating in a dynamic environment that is undergoing a continual process of change. If we are to continue on a trajectory of success, we need to transform our ideas into innovative products even more quickly. We have thought carefully about the best way of making a success of the ideas generated by our employees. The ScoutWorx initiative has created the right framework for this. When we have a good idea, we test it without embarking on an extended process of approval and we look at whether it works. If the idea is successful, we put it into practice straight away.”

Robert Martignoni, Head of New Initiatives

Working World

Three questions for Dr. Michael Bütter

Dr. Michael Bütter, Chief Executive Officer of Immobilien Scout GmbH (responsible for human resources and other areas at the Scout24 Group)

What are the challenges Human Resources face at Scout24?
Our business is very fast moving and the half-life of knowledge is very short. We have to deal with this situation and pass on and protect know-how efficiently. This means that we have to implement new formats for career training and increasingly learn on-the-job so that we are fast and geared up for the latest scenario. Particularly in light of these framework conditions, we need to continuously modify and optimise our work processes.

What is the meaning of a learning organisation as far as you are concerned?
We are establishing a new learning culture throughout the company by promoting networked working and by avoiding a silo mentality. New approaches are being adopted in talent management to promote this transformation. One example of this is our strong emphasis on assessing the individual initiative and the interdisciplinary learning capability of our employees.

How do you invest in the know-how of your employees?
We want our employees to contribute all of their skills. That’s why we are supporting their development and promoting their decision-making abilities. Managers need to engage more in coaching their teams and enabling them to learn rather than monitoring them.


We want to increase the proportion of women in development to 24 % by the end of 2017.

Working World

Diversity is our strength

Diversity is a key competitive advantage as far as we are concerned because we are confident that multifaceted perspectives promote innovations in the workforce. We are therefore proud that people from 45 different nations are working at Scout24. Our aim is to continue strengthening diversity in the company – particularly in the technical areas. At the moment, for example at ImmobilienScout24 only twelve percent of our developers are women. We have defined a target to double the proportion of female developers in 2017. We want to motivate young women to enter the tech sector by organising hackathons, taking part in initiatives like Girls’Day for shaping women’s future positively and by supporting organisations like Geekettes. Moreover, our employees are the main driving force for promoting the topic of diversity inside and outside Scout24. In 2015, they set up “Diversity in Tech Community” as a dedicated vehicle to promote diversity.

Working World

Our commitment in figures

€ 1,500

is the annual career-training budget available to each employee


employees work for the Scout24 Group (total number of employees)


participants took part in Scout24 projects or projects organised by our partners to promote women in technical careers


employees are engaged in the “Diversity in Tech Community”


different nations are represented among the people working at Scout24

digital world

Responsible in our core business

Our digital marketplaces ImmobilienScout24 and AutoScout24 enable us to inspire people to realise their dreams focused on real estate and cars. We always concentrate on the needs of our consumers and offer them sustainable solutions. This might be information on electromobility, fast access to barrier-free apartments or sophisticated protection of customer data. We are passionate about driving forward CSR issues on our platforms – powered by our IT know-how.

Project insight

Since 2011, Scout24 has been supporting the Berlin Social Heroes who want to raise awareness of inclusivity. One of the steps taken by the heroes’ association is to develop a Wheelmap which highlights which bus stops, shops, etc. offer barrier-free access. We support the Berlin Social Heroes financially, provide office space free of charge and collaborate with them to put ideas into practice – like the integration of the Wheelmap on ImmobilienScout24. This enables us to create value added for our consumers with a disability and improve our digital offering.


Cooperation with the Berlin Social Heroes has generated a rapid response. We have now reached more people with “step-free access” as a filter criterion than with barrier-free access. The use of the filter increased by 66 percent after the changeover. Most importantly, next year the new map search will also incorporate the Wheelmap data we integrated in the apartment description in 2016. This will provide more orientation for the future residential environment. The successful cooperation with the Berlin Social Heroes was recognised with the CSR Job Award 2015.

Digital Worlds

One step ahead

“When we talked to the Sozialhelden (Social Heroes), we understood why so few apartments on ImmobilienScout24 had been identified with the search attribute “barrier free”. The concept is simply associated with too many demands for the amenities in the apartment. People with a disability can often get around the height of the kitchen units. The ability to access the apartment without steps is often much more important. That’s why we changed the search attribute to “step-free”. This filter is now being used much more. We are gradually also integrating the Wheelmap data into the apartment listings. This enables people with wheelchairs, walkers or pushchairs to quickly identify how they can access an apartment, find barrier-free bus stops and go shopping without having to use steps.”

Leif Haß, Senior Product Manager


increase in the offering of hybrid and electric vehicles (new and used cars) from 2015 to 2016 at www.autoscout24.de


rise in page views for these cars

Digital World

The fast route to an electric vehicle

Electromobility is no longer a distant dream in the future. By 2020, the German government is planning to get around one million electric cars onto the road. We support the aim of the German government and we have facilitated a selective search for cars with an electric drive on www.autoscout24.de. This is also the case for other low-emission power units like LPG and hydrogen. We also provide information on www.autoscout24.de/auto/elektroauto/ about e-technology, charging stations and the costs of an electric car. In 2016, we completely revamped the website and set up a dedicated page for hybrid vehicles. Our consumers are now able to get an overview more quickly and find a vehicle to suit their needs.

Digital World

Protecting consumers

Processing customer data is part of our business. We adopt a responsible approach to our customers’ data and protect their data against loss and abuse. Data protection and data security are therefore a fixed component of our compliance principles. We communicate these guidelines to all new employees in their introductory training sessions. One of our top priorities is to protect our consumers against fraud. We deploy a range of technical measures to achieve this objective. Our self-learning filter system identifies potentially fraudulent listings. These are then screened by a quality assurance team and deleted where necessary. Our consumers are able to report suspicious listings and prohibited content on our online platforms at any time. We also provide consumers with explanations of the latest fraud mechanisms on our website and give them tips on appropriate action.

Manual quality assurance

Self-learning filter system

Digital World

Our commitment in figures


more leads for the attribute “step-free access” compared with “barrier-free”

€ 28.7 million

million were invested by Scout24 in research and development in 2016


employees received data-protection training in 2016


more hybrid and electric cars were offered on AutoScout24 compared with 2016

€ 442.1

million revenue generated by Scout24 in 2016

social world

Engaged in the midst of life

Our social engagement is driven by the dedicated commitment of our employees. Most of our employees take part in our annual Social Day. They organise, carry out craft activities and do gardening work for a good cause. In 2016, our Scouts supported around 50 projects at our locations in Berlin and Munich. We join forces with our local social partners to create a direct network for the long term. We work together with them to develop joint project ideas and share our expertise in the Berlin Social Academy. Office space is also provided free of charge, for example to arrange English courses for refugees. Our partners are able to build on continuous support and this helps us to gain an increasingly in-depth understanding of the needs within our community.

Project insight

In October 2016, we joined forces with our collaboration partners for the 4th Berlin Social Academy and issued an invitation to the CityCube Berlin. You can find out what happened there in this video (only available in German):


The number of participants has almost doubled compared to last year. We ran more than 20 courses for 300 employees from non-profit organisations and social startups. Their feedback reinforces our commitment. One participant commented as follows: “Overall, I thought this was a fantastic event. It’s also great that you can book courses flexibly to suit your budget. Another big advantage is the fact that courses take place during the day and not during the evening like many other career-training courses.” We want to continue the Berlin Social Academy and tailor it even more closely to the needs of the non-profit organisations. This will enable them to make a bigger contribution to solving society’s problems.

Social World

Strengthening others through knowledge transfer

“I’ve always wanted to become socially engaged. The only issue was to find the best way for me to play a role and apply my experience in the most effective way. Non-profit organisations need specialist knowledge but they are often unable to afford expensive training. I think it’s great that I can now pass on my know-how about social media to social partners in the Berlin Social Academy. I have also come across people who were deriving real benefit from my knowledge. And as a company we also bear a certain responsibility to society because we are not operating completely independently of it. That’s why I think it is important for us to make a commitment like this at Scout24.”

Christiane Lehmann, Senior Manager Social Media,
Corporate Communications & PR, ImmobilienScout24

Social World

The Social Day – we lend a hand

More than 400 employees took part in the sixth Social Day in 2016. They spent an entire day providing support for non-profit organisations. We give help wherever it’s necessary. This might be to a social organisation or for an environmental project. We sort food, set up furniture or simply spend time with people. These activities bring us into contact with young and old people alike. We meet individuals who are ill and people with disabilities. Their everyday life raises our awareness and alerts us to their special needs. The Social Day enables us to entirely focus on them.

“Our Social Day is a fixed institution for many non-profit organisations. However, at the same time we also work together with new initiatives. This empowers us to achieve a sustainable impact and at the same time we are able to engage with the latest issues.”

Mareen Walus, Senior CSR Manager Scout24

Social World

Achieving more together

Collaborative ventures with partners constitute a fixed element of our social responsibility. This cooperation is primarily focused at our locations in Berlin and Munich. We support the organisations through employee engagement, in-kind or financial donations. By the same token, we both derive mutual benefit from our specific know-how. Over the years, we have developed a wide network of fixed partnerships through cooperation.

Social World

Our commitment in figures


employees made a commitment to the Social Day in 2016


courses were provided by Scout24 at the 4th Berlin Social Academy


non-profit organisations receive our ongoing support


employees from NGOs and social startups took part in the 4th Berlin Social Academy


projects were supported at the Social Day 2016

GRI report

Our achievements

You can find all the facts and figures on Corporate Social Responsibility Scout24 in the download zone. We want to transparently show you highlights of our achievements during the year 2016 under review. Our aim is also to set out the action we are going to take in the future. We base our reporting on the GRI Standards, an internationally accredited reporting guideline for sustainability. You can download information on individual topics you are interested in or you can access the entire Scout24 CSR Report 2016 as a pdf file.


Do you have any questions or comments about Corporate Social Responsibility at Scout24?
You are very welcome to get in touch with Mareen Walus (Senior CSR Management).

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